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Healthy Teeth & Gums

Your furry best friend requires regular dental care to make sure their teeth stay healthy—just like us! At Pet Medical Centre, we offer a range of dentistry services for cats, dogs and horses throughout Dubbo and surrounds. From a general check-up to a scale and clean, good oral health is a pillar of preventative healthcare for all animals great and small.


The most common disease treated in our veterinary practice is gum disease, with around 70-80% of cats and dogs over the age of three having some kind of dental disease. But this is preventable! With regular dental checks and the right care, you can keep your pet’s teeth healthy and pain free.

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Dentistry For Your Pet

Maintaining your pet’s dental health is one of the best things that you can do to ensure their quality of life, especially as they age. Our vets in Dubbo have been able to improve the lives of many animals aged in their late teens. From puppies and kittens to your grey-whiskered family members, count on the team at Pet Medical Centre.

We offer:

We utilise state-of-the-art equipment to take X-rays of your pet’s teeth. This allows us to accurately assess the health of each tooth, as well as identify issues that may not be apparent on the surface. We can then develop a treatment plan that’s perfectly tailored to your animal’s needs.

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