We Provide Animal Surgery
in Dubbo

Dr Ross Performing Surgery — Vets in Dubbo, NSW

Sterile Surgical Facilities

At Pet Medical Centre in Dubbo, we are fully equipped to carry out a wide range of animal surgeries. Our qualified veterinarians use leading industry equipment and are careful to always provide a comprehensive medical examination before surgery even begins. This includes a blood test to check kidney and liver function, helping us to ascertain that your pet will be able to break down the general anaesthetic.


Rest assured your furry friend is in capable hands, as we comply with all industry regulations and perform surgeries with superior attention to detail. We commonly offer desexing, orthopaedic surgery, tumour removal and much more. All pet surgical procedures are completely sterile and carried out by our experienced local vets.

If your pet needs surgery, our veterinarians in Dubbo can help. Get in touch today on 02 6884 9777.

Our Qualified Vets

When your pet needs surgery, our experts will recommend what to do prior to the procedure and what you can expect afterwards. It’s important that patients fast before having any anaesthetic or sedation. Most vets will recommend your pet shouldn’t eat after 8pm the night before the surgery. You can leave their water bowl accessible overnight but it should be removed early in the morning. After the surgery, we will prescribe appropriate pain relief medication.

Staff Treating a Calf — Vets in Dubbo, NSW
Dr Ross With Puppy — Vets in Dubbo, NSW

Common surgical procedures include:

At Pet Medical Centre, a fully trained veterinary nurse assists the veterinarian throughout every procedure. They will maintain superior hygiene measures and monitor the patient right through to the recovery period. For all enquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff.