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Animals Great & Small

Pet Medical Centre is affiliated with the Dubbo Equine Hospital and is equipped to help small and large animals. Our vets work with horses, cattle and sheep throughout Dubbo, providing an extensive range of services.

Large animal services:

And much more. Our team have years of experience working with farmers, horse trainers and hobbyists throughout the region. We are committed to providing your large animals with the highest quality of care.

To get in touch with our experienced large animal vets in Dubbo, please call 02 6884 9777.

Equine Dentistry Services

Prevent periodontal disease and poor digestion with equine dentistry services from our vets in Dubbo. Your horse’s teeth continue to erupt throughout life and can form sharp, painful edges due to their natural chewing pattern. If left untreated, horses can develop gum disease, ulcers and even performance issues. Our experienced team offer check-ups and treatments to make sure your horse can chew without pain and enjoy a high quality of life.


We can assess and treat dental issues in horses of all ages, from foals through to ageing horses. Our team also offer dentistry for your household pets, such as cats and dogs. Regular check-ups are the best way to identify potential problems early, preventing more serious treatments down the track. For all enquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

A Doctor with the Mother and Baby Horse — Vets in Dubbo, NSW